• Beachcastle Soldier’s Journal

    “It has been 3 years since this war has started. Many of my brothers have met with steel and fell upon blades. We have dispatched troops to Bouroughton, as the King of Dangarnon has surly seen our numbers grow short. Our orders are to secure the keep and keep them out of our war at all costs…. even at the cost of fighting a war on two fronts.”

    -Unknown Soldier c. summer, 945

  • From the Journal of King Euros of Beachcastle

    “The war between Beachcastle and Wintervale has begun. I have a feeling this feud will last for several generations to come. King Gryal of Wintervale refuses to acknowledge our sovereign right to the lands of Stanmore which house the richest iron ore deposit this side of Carinus. Diplomatic talks have yielded no hope of coming to an agreement. I refuse to let our lands, so close to home, get taken by a tyrrant. He will learn by the blood of my heirs, We will never give up until his kingdom is in ruins.

    Alas, I will not get to rejoice in such times, as my life comes to an end. The wine seems to have tainted with a gift from our friend. This is my final letter to you, my sons. Avenge me. Protect the kingdom and it’s assets. Never bend the knee to the one who engaged in an act of war against your home.

    May the God’s unleash their wrath in my stead, and grant victory to my kingdom.”

    – King Euros of Beachcastle. 30th day of spring, year 942

  • From the Journal of King Gryal of Wintervale

    “That fool abandons his lands and disowns his own people, then has the audacity to take claim to it after we discover an ore mine? He is as ill-witted as he is proud. King Euros abandoned the land long ago and my kingdom has since claimed it, and all rights to what it contains. He will have to destroy me before I will allow him to share in any of the spoils.

    My seer has told me his fate, that he would die by my hand, and with this vial of poison, I shall seal it. The death of one man is all it will take to stop this madness and bring them to their knees. He wants to
    negotiate peace. We shall see how much peace he gets in the afterlife.”

    – King Gryal of Wintervale. 22nd day of spring, year 942

  • Volunteers

    Mud Details: Carinus is a MUD (Multi-User Dungeon) that aims to be a sandbox world where players can grow their characters how they see fit. Heavily influenced by Skyrim, the focus is to create involved PC-NPC interactions, with detailed and unique quests.


    Info for builders:

    Questbits have been installed, qbits and abits act like switches (on off) that can be checked in mob progs to determine if a player has or has not done something or performed a task. This opens up a lot of possibilities for quests that are only able to be ran or attempted a set number of times, base mob actions and reactions based on what a character has done or not done, program structured dialogue for NPC interactions.

    Buildwalk – Buildwalk has been installed as well, providing builders an easy way to connect rooms. Turning the flag on, will allow builders to ‘walk’ into a non-existent room and create exits both ways. This reduces the amount of time creating the floor plan drastically.

    Other OLC functions have been provided to help ease the building burden.

    That being said, here is what positions we have available.

    Maintenance – The maintenance position is for someone who has a keen attention to detail. This person will go through the builder’s areas and refine grammar and spelling. This will include room, objects, and mobiles. This position is also responsible for finding and reporting bugs (if they cannot be resolved by the person).

    Engineer – Someone who balances the game. Engineers are expected to go behind the builders, and set the mobiles (that can engage in combat), to a balanced difficulty around that level range. Engineers may also tweak equipment to achieve balance (must let area author know of edits)

    Builders – Builders are the life-blood of any game. They create the world in which players interact. Looking to have as many builders join the team as possible, for a giant, open world.

    Loremaster – Like telling a story? Loremasters are those who not only create the background story, but also keep track of major events that are happening within the world. As time goes on, the outcome of those events should be added to the ever-growing story of the game, allowing those that achieve great things, to be immortalized in glory for all the world to know.


    To apply, join the discord server at https://discord.gg/ctZCTPC and speak to an Immortal.

  • Welcome to Carinus

    Carinus is a text based MUD (Multi-User Dungeon). The world is presented in a terminal and relies on command inputs from the user (player). There are many MUDs out there. A lot of them are the same, and a lot of them are unique. Carinus aims to be the latter.

    The ability to play in browser will be available on this site. If you own your own mud client, such as Zmud, then login information will be provided once we are ready to accept players.